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Our philosophy is that landscape installation goes way beyond simply “planting bushes.” We use the highest standard horticultural practices when installing landscapes. Planting beds are always properly built with organic compost and tilled to create the perfect growing conditions for new plantings. Our crew members understand how plants grow, not just how to get them in the ground. Attention to detail and an experienced staff is what separates Robertson's Lawns & Landscaping from our competitors.


When laying out plants during a landscape installation we pay special attention to the spacing and that each plant is back filled tightly. Our landscape installations are built to be a lifetime investment. Our attention to detail keeps the landscape installation looking it's best over the years as the plants reach maturation.

Let’s not forget the importance of transplanting services in landscape projects. Many believe that the large size of their trees and shrubs leave only the option of removal. Robertson's Lawns & Landscaping is able to transplant almost any plant or tree, saving you money. We have the expertise to transplant material that others see as impossible. Reusing existing plants creates a mature, ready-to-enjoy landscape from day one.



Best Landscape Installers in Brevard

Our landscape installation professionals are the best in Brevard because of their knowledge and experience

 Grass trimming and maintenance
  Landscaping increases your property value
 Installation of gardens that age well with your home
  Certified and insured landscapers
  Our Landscapers attend annual training seminars

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